Friday, December 14, 2012

The End Of 365 Days

I've thought a lot about what my final post would be.  I wanted it to be my own words, however, I find this quote touching my soul, and perfectly fitting.  I found it in a dream. 

“Wherever You Stand, Be The Soul Of That Place” – Rumi


Wherever I am, I shall fill it with joy, and with the love of who I am.  In that, I will fill the space with my soul. I can only hope that others will find joy in that space where my soul is.  


I have come to understand that it is not my soul work to force the happiness and joy in others.  I can only put my love in a space, and offer it to others to share; in time, in moments, in memories, and of course, in gratitude.  My hope is for those to whom I have offered my space, they feel my soul, and are, even if in some small way, comforted and know love.  I will have faith they will return to the space where my soul is once more. 


There are spaces where my soul flows freely.  In the laughter of children, in hands I have held, in tears I have dried, in burdens I have carried to ease pain, I have stood.  There are soul friends I have chosen, kindred spirits my soul longs for.  My gratitude for the spaces we share shall never be bound by Earthly limitations.  And when I stand in a place, no longer on this plane, my soul shall dance with them for eternity.  

Live in gratitude, seek peace and brotherhood.  Practice kindness.  Above all else...

Love, love, love. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stillness Will Keep

Here it is... the second last post in this project. Just me and my lap top... clackity, clackity, clackity clack.

I'm starting to wonder what I am going to do when it's done. There's only one last post to be written in my 365 Days of Gratitude. Three hundred and sixty five posts of moments, all now memories, every one filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the experience, gratitude for the emotion, for the outlet.
And despite it all, the joy, the anger, the sorrow; hasn't it all just gone on? The sun, inevitably rose. The day, unequivocally ended. One after the other, promising forward movement, onward always - passing time, with or without us.

And so now I wonder what I will do with the whispers. What attention shall I pay them if not to share them? There isn't a day that goes by, catching a phrase, or a quote, or a contemplation of thought where I don't mull it over as to put it all in verse to make it make sense.

Tonight, I caught half a conversation, and words struck me, rang into my ears and tossed over in my mind, reaching for relatability - which, really, took next to no effort.

"She has a problem being still, like she feels like she always has to be doing something. Sometimes you just need to be with someone who can enjoy the stillness." 

Perhaps it's my time to be still... but I truly doubt it. But, is that me - ever moving, rarely satisfied with stillness? I welcome moments of stillness, but certainly not a lifetime of it. It is me ... ever moving, always advocating for something, struggling to make things right, to fix, to learn, to do, to change the world - even in some insignificant way. It will not be my stillness one day that is remembered, but the remarkable things I had no fear to do. Stillness will keep.

"So bring your best. Bring your love. Bring your fearless heart and your unbounded service. This is a good world if you let it be." (~Aaron Paquette~)

And so I shall, and with gratitude and with love, in search of a fearless heart, perhaps not always at my best, but ever striving for it, letting the world be good, needing to be remarkable.

And then there was one...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Having Faith

I have faith in people who have faith.  I am grateful for people who Believe; who believe in a power higher than themselves, who believe in better places than our physical Earth.  I am grateful for people who see hope in signs, who find comfort in prayer, and know, beyond all circumstances, it will all be okay.  My gratitude falls many days on people who carry that faith.  It makes my own faith come that much easier.

My hope is that my words are not mistaken.  My praise is not to door knockers or those filled with condemnation for those who speak with a different mind or voice.  My gratefulness lies with those who "do not drag the world kicking and screaming into a new awareness", yet quietly and simply do good for the sake of good, and know, inwardly, the rewards.

Without fail, there is always someone who reminds me.  And for the reminder not only to have faith, but to do good, I am grateful.  Hold fast to humanity on our physical Earth, and have Faith that our time is fleeting.

With Gratitude.